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Yuhui "Summer" Wang

"Racial Injustice During the Pandemic"

As more and more racist incidents against the Chinese people and the Asian community are revealed during the coronavirus breakout around the world, I became anxious and worried that similar experiences would happen to me. This motivated me to compose this research to raise awareness of the racial injustice during the pandemic.

People around the world are striving for improvements with protests and marches every day. They fight for whatever they believe in – equality, freedom, and personal rights. I, too, feel the need to stand up and speak for my people. I want to promote my ancient culture, language, and characteristics proudly. I want to label my identities proudly. I want to stand in society just like everyone else proudly. We are not the virus. We are victims of this disaster as much as everyone else. Most importantly, we are humans. 

Summer Senior Project Presentation.jpg
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