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The Senior Projects

Senior projects represent a long-standing and meaningful tradition at Laguna for over 30 years and are a distinctive feature of its curricular requirements. The projects culminate with student presentations which reflect the wide range of our students’ talents and interests. 


They represent an undertaking into the real world where seniors explore a profession, conduct some form of field study or independent research, embark upon a creative project, or serve in a needed voluntary capacity. Seniors completed projects in media marketing, sustainable energy, and music production; they’ve looked for answers to world peace and learned the art of mask making, some have researched COVID-19’s Effects on the World of Fitness. 


One of the most valuable aspects of the program is that it affords our students a real glimpse into the world before they head to college. Some students change their college major because of their project experience, some confirm their career choice.

The Senior Projects Committee







Andrew Wooden



This website was created in June, 2020 by Paige Levinson and Kiki Tolles. 

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