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Katherine "Kiki" Tolles

Marketing in the Digital Age:
Student Perspectives Website for the LBS Upper School

For my Senior Project, I decided to expand on the work I was already doing for my 'Marketing in the Digital Age" independent study with Mr. Chiment. The motivation behind the study and my senior project was a simple one: today's increasingly fast-paced and digital world calls for communication that is eye-grabbing and authentic. Mr. Chiment explained that "authenticity" has become a bit of a buzz-word in the marketing and branding industries because it can make the difference between an effective platform and an unprofitable one.

Fortunately, our school already has a wonderful online presence regarding its website and social media. But we realized that it's difficult for an outsider to separate the lower school experience from the middle school and the upper school. We wanted to help refine the upper school's brand identity such that it could be marketed exclusively to future 9-12th graders.


Earlier this year, our independent study read an article by Brian Lischer that claimed, "your website is the most complete and centralized manifestation of your brand. A good website brings your brand to life with compelling content and engaging design."Going off of this, we wanted to create an online platform (or website) made by students for other students that would lay out the upper school experience in an engaging and authentic way.

*Please note that given the size and intricacy of such a website, it is not finished. Mr. Chiment's independent study in accordance with the Ambassador Program will take on the project next year, after I "train" Frances Carlson (my project partner) in website development over the summer. 

The Project: upper school student perspectives website

Password: owls

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