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Art, which is a vital tool in "The Handbook of Beau!" will always influence my life. In other words, I feel I want to live my life as art: to be my fabulous, eccentric self and to assist the human mission towards compassion using my creativity. The house which I build emphasizes this point. With oddly shaped rooms with no doors to lock travelers out of my house–my life, my "me"–invites those seeking shelter. "I will be a haven for those seeking sanctuary," is a line in the daily reminder of my purpose in life. Dancing, knitting, and creating are my ways of building a stable self so I may fulfill my perception of the reason for living: to love each other.

 Messy, lop-sided, slouchy, and bumpy, I am imperfect, as is human existence. The white paint of Inramercy articulates the blank canvas of life and highlights the faults of the social structure. In life, I will make many mistakes, and I will continue my practice of intrapersonal perception to hopefully see those mistakes and perform repair as necessary. Indeed, errors, faults, and lumps are part of the beauty of living as they can be used to elevate oneself into a higher awareness. As I knit my house, I dropped quite a few stitches, which made my home more beautiful. Loose threads adorn the walls, floors, and ceilings, adding to the intrigue of my habitable tapestry.

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