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Charlie Jacobs & Katherine Monroy

"Creating and Producing the “That’s Neat!” Podcast

Listen about the project process:

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The That’s Neat! Podcast is a podcast dedicated to all things internet and popular culture, while also trying to convey a new and unique perspective or idea. Through creating and producing the That’s Neat! podcast, I’ve learned how to better manage my time, stay organized, improve my graphic design skills, improve my audio/video editing skills, and learned how to be a better communicator and collaborator. One of the things that I didn’t see at first when I began this project was that a lot of my time would be spent learning to be a better communicator. Since I was not able to meet Katherine or any of our special guests in person, the most challenging piece was trying to stay in touch with Katherine so that we both had a clear idea of what we were going to do. I learned how to follow a schedule and maintain deadlines, making sure to give myself extra time for technical difficulties etc. Overall, this project has been very fulfilling and I’m so happy to get to share this podcast with the world.

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